·         Operations Improvement Project Portfolio

o   Individual projects to improve transactional efficiencies across the enterprise

o   Portfolio creation and management to rank projects

o   Initiation of individual projects

·         Imported IQF Pineapple from Costa Rica to the US to support a restaurant product launch

o   Packaging

o   Logistics

·         Upgrade Maximo® in 8 plants in 8 months.

o   Operations planning

o   Training development

o   Training delivery

o   Post upgrade support

·         Vendor Onboarding/Registration

·         MRO Inventory Optimization

·         Preventive Maintenance program update

·         Purchasing, Receiving, Invoice and Accrual procedures

·         Electronic device design upgrade

o   Justified killing this troubled project, saving the company thousands of dollars.

·         Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) implementation

·         Strategic Sales project, Supplier Performance Measurement Process

o   Customer engagement matrix

o   Engagement worksheets

o   Survey development

o   Internal information holders

o   Supplier Trust


I wanted to let you know how much help Ned has been to me with the new Maximo system, showing me how to navigate when I have had problems and explaining ways to use the new reorder report to save time.· He not only knows Maximo inside out, but seems to know Sequel as well.· He has been an excellent choice and has helped me through a difficult time during this upgrade, not only with training, but also with interacting with Dave to communicate our needs in a timely and concise way.· Thought you’d want to know how effective he has been.·


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