·         Operations Improvement Project Portfolio

o   Individual projects to improve transactional efficiencies across the enterprise

o   Portfolio creation and management to rank projects

o   Initiation of individual projects

·         Imported IQF Pineapple from Costa Rica to the US to support a restaurant product launch

o   Packaging

o   Logistics

·         Upgrade Maximo® in 8 plants in 8 months.

o   Operations planning

o   Training development

o   Training delivery

o   Post upgrade support

·         Vendor Onboarding/Registration

·         MRO Inventory Optimization

·         Preventive Maintenance program update

·         Purchasing, Receiving, Invoice and Accrual procedures

·         Electronic device design upgrade

o   Justified killing this troubled project, saving the company thousands of dollars.

·         Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) implementation

·         Strategic Sales project, Supplier Performance Measurement Process

o   Customer engagement matrix

o   Engagement worksheets

o   Survey development

o   Internal information holders

o   Supplier Trust


It was a great workshop, well presented and structured.· As I indicated, we (Canadian food inspection agency) would like to have one in Canada.


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