Panama Food Defense Workshop


Periscope Consulting offers customized training as a key element of all our other service offerings.· All training programs are adjusted to meet your specific needs.· We will develop custom training for any topic.

Through an innovative partnership with 4th Echelon, we can offer the same Project Management training that is given to key units of the U.S. Army. 4th Echelon is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Registered Education Provider offering project management training to the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) as well as to Perot Systems Corporation.

Periscope Consulting conducts a number of workshops for FDA and USDA on topics ranging from Food Labeling to Food Defense.· These workshops have been conducted in countries all over the globe, from Peru to Thailand.

Periscope Consulting offers customized training as a key element of all our service offerings.  All training programs are adjusted to meet your specific needs.  We will develop custom training for any topic or any location including international.

Doesn’t everyone prefer to play cards rather than sit through a presentation or lesson?  It is simply more engaging for the participant.  Knowing this, we build interactive exercises into every course module, at least one for each module and as many as 5 per hour.

·         Food Defense

o   CARVER Plus Shock Vulnerability Assessment (including two interactive exercises).

o   Building a Food Defense Plan

o   Vulnerability Assessments

o   Low-Cost/No-Cost Food Defense Countermeasures

·         Project Management

o   Project Management Fundamentals

o   SCOPE Control

·         IBM Maximo® EAM

o   Basic Navigation and Queries

o   Advanced Queries and Reporting

o   Work Requests/Work Order Tracking

o   Planning Work

o   Inventory and Purchasing

o   Receiving and Invoicing

o   Chart of Accounts

o   Assets

·         Food Safety and Regulatory Programs

o   FDA Labeling (Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims, Special Labeling Issues)


Ned Mitenius (Periscope Consulting) did a great job of introducing us to the new system during two-days of on-site training.·Then, on very short notice, completely rearranged his schedule in order to fill in for Dave providing on-site implementation support.· Ned, in partnership with Dave, helped us to get up to speed quickly and resolve a number of issues discovered during implementation.


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