100% of our clients ask us back for more work! 

We have executed 77 projects for our top two clients alone! 

85% of our clients have engaged us for 5 projects or more!


What if on your next project you had your entire team – from engineering to operations working together to save time, money, and energy? 

As a U.S. Naval Academy graduate trained for one of the most dangerous jobs on earth (running nuclear submarines) helped me see how this could be a reality.

Submarine at sea
USS M.G. Vallejo

On a submarine, everything must be done right, and on-time is not optional.

From the maintenance crew to the captain – everyone onboard must understand how the nuclear submarine works.  When something bad happens during a shift in the middle of the night, there isn’t time to wake the Captain and Engineer before taking calm, sure, immediate actions..  You can’t “call the head office” to figure things out.  In the time it takes to look something up in a manual, the sub could sink.  

Immediate action and teamwork are essential.  There’s a reason why Nuclear Submarine officers are some of the best problem solvers in the world.

Since leaving the Navy. I’ve adapted this advanced problem-solving methodology to help some of the largest companies solve challenges in the food processing industry. 

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With the Periscope methodology you have a senior engineer on-site doing the job (instead of a junior engineer always having to call “the office” for approval).  

Our methodology can help you:

Save time and money by almost eliminating the need to use contingency budgets.

Develop a systematic plan to solve even the most complex project challenges.

Stop the finger pointed between supplier consultants, engineering and operational staff.


If you’d like to know more about how you can simplify complex food manufacturing projects, send me a message or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We see what others don't

Submarine in drydock
         Submarine in drydock

A periscope is a special tool used on a submarine to allow them to see above the surface, above the waves, to see what otherwise would not be seen.  The user must be trained, not merely to raise and lower the "scope" but more importantly, to quickly recognize what they see, and act decisively on that information.  In this same way, projects by Periscope Consulting utilize special tools to see what otherwise would not be seen, and we have training and experience to act decisively on that information.

We specialize in executing large, complex projects in the highly regulated food processing industry.  Our background positions us to provide related services in Regulatory Compliance Programs, Maintenance Systems and Training.  Finally, we are domestic and international leaders in the new field of Food Defense (Intentional Adulteration), leveraging our experience in process design, project management and compliance programs.

Program and Project Management

Regulatory Compliance Management

Maintenance Systems


and Food Defense

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