To drive employee engagement requires accountability and reinforcement.  People must know what is expected of them, and be held accountable, with reinforcement for the right behaviors.

An excellent way to support this is with a Progressive Review of desired behaviors.  To illustrate, a simple Checklist may be performed to determine if desired behaviors are being performed.  If a checklist is all you do until the external audit, you may miss noticing that we might have stopped using the checklist, or it is filled out wrong or behavior still isn’t changing.

To guard against these problems, we institute several progressive steps.  A recurring Review of the checklist should detect gaps in performance or negative trends.  A Self-Assessment compares a personal observation with what is being reported on the checklist. 

Finally, an internal Audit checks the entire program with documentation reviews and observations.  Documentation Reviews insure the checklist is being conducted and reviewed, and insure a response to trends.  Observations look for a correlation with the regular findings on the checklists and self-assessments, allowing for instruction when there is a difference.


Elizabeth's visit last week was a huge success.  We had a lot of great dialogue and made a lot of progress.


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