Projects by Periscope prefer to look ahead of us to where we are going, with only short glimpses in the rear view mirror.  When managing a project budget this means placing the emphasis on what is yet to be spent, not only on what has already been spent or what has been committed.  Our special budget monitoring tools merge what has been spent and committed with what has not yet been spent, allowing us to see what otherwise would not be seen: what the costs will at the end of the project.

This not only gives us time to evaluate and mitigate spending issues.  But if additional funding is needed, it can be arranged in advance, without additional schedule delay.

We reconcile the budget with our scope tool, to insure all items of scope have their corresponding place in the budget.  And since every item of scope has its place in an integrated schedule, we can better predict the cash-flow of the budget.



It was a great workshop, well presented and structured.· As I indicated, we (Canadian food inspection agency) would like to have one in Canada.


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