"Price is an issue in the absence of value"

-Willis Chairman and CEO Joe Plumeri (multinational insurer, 2008)

 He went on to say “Value is the gap between what clients can do for themselves and what we can do for them”

Periscope Consulting offers you exceptional value.  First and foremost, when we are on a project we put the client's needs ahead of our own.  If a project is bad, we will convince them to shut it down.  If the project requires less support, we will help the client take if back from us.  We are the clients' advocate in all matters, especially those related to other project suppliers.  We contribute every fiber of our expertise, regardless of our designated role and do whatever is necessary to help the project succeed.  We have been praised countless times for working as if we were as a member of the client's internal team.

There are things we do differently than others in our business.  For many, a senior sales consultant will sell you the job, only to be replaced on site by a junior resource.  When that junior resource gets in trouble they can try to get support from the more senior people in the office.  We put the senior resource on your site to do the job.  They are less likely to get in trouble, and can be backed up with more junior resources if more bandwidth is needed.

Most of our senior resources are skilled in multiple project roles and can frequently offer a "two-fer."  During quieter times of the project a single resource covers several roles, with reinforcements added where needed during the busiest times.

We pay our consultants near the top of their range; the person doing the work earns the lion's share of what is billed.  This lets us be extraordinarily selective in who we use.  They bring you a wealth of experience.  They add value from the first hour.  They require no supervision, only the expression of your goals.  Their work ethics and integrity are unmatched.  They save you money and time by avoiding problems.

Our tools are top shelf.  We have robust scope diagramming tools that integrate with our robust schedules.  We have checklists, forms and spreadsheets for nearly every contingency.  We have sophisticated team communication and data sharing tools.

We do not charge premium time.  Our consultants are honored when you want more work, are happy to help in any way, and don't want to discourage progress.  And back in the office, we do not need a premium charge for our overhead when it is someone in the field making the effort.

If we were not all that I describe, we would not get asked back.  We are asked back over and again because of the quality and efficiency of the work that we do and the value that we bring.

You will find consultants that are cheaper, but not any of better value.  Many senior consultants are in our price range and still charge premium time.  If your need is simple, and a less experienced person can be successful, then use them.  If your need is complex, requires great tools, great people, and has a lot on the line, use us.


Thanks to you also Ned for being the project manager for these systems and this week the start-up manager with good plans, follow-up and training, well done.


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