It isn't always necessary to hire Periscope Consulting on a full-time basis to run a large project.  You may have the resources in-house to run the project on your own.  But if the project is complex and has high visibility, you may want to have:

  • Reassurance that you haven't missed things what will cause trouble later.
  • Confirmation that your schedule is complete
  • A mentor for a less-seasoned PM

What you want is a confidence that you are getting the project off on the right foot, in a way that minimizes risk and saves time!

This is where our offering for a "Scope and Schedule Checkup" comes in.  For a small, fixed cost and a very little time, we come on your site and:

  • Confirm your existing scope and schedule are thorough and realistic, or
  • Update your scope and schedule to a level of granularity that will
    • Improve execution
    • Reduce Risk
    • Provide "early alerts" to schedule slips
    • Focus on specific tasks with the greatest schedule importance (hint: it isn't always what you think it is).
    • Provide a benchmark to measure progress.

How can we do this?  By placing a senior program manager on your site (job site or office) to conduct a series of exercises with your project team.  We have designed these exercises in a specific sequence to minimize the impact on your team while securing the most robust engagement.

We can do this in a week, and leave you with clear, written deliverables that are yours to use for the duration of the project.

Call or email us today to schedule your checkup.  The fee is fixed and we are done in a week!


Thanks to the pilot project in 2011, we at (USDA) Post think the concept of food defense is gaining ground in the Philippines, with both public and private sector awareness picking up speed.


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