"The leading provider of Food Defense solutions"

Periscope Consulting is a go-to provider to the FDA, USDA, FBI and State Department for Food Defense Consulting.  We have created and delivered training and tools, including the model development of the Food Defense Plan Builder software that the FDA has published.  We are the primary Food Defense consultant to a number of major domestic food manufacturers.

We have traveled all over the world presenting Food Defense workshops.  Something more than 30 countries and 3000 participants.

The leading provider of Food Defense solutions

  • Developer of FDA and APEC workshop materials
  • Developer of the Food Defense Plan Builder tool used in FDA and APEC workshops
  • Lead tester/reviewer of CARVER plus Shock software
  • Presenter at Food Defense workshops and exercises all over the world

Food Defense

Food Defense is the protection of the food supply from the intentional contamination of food, as compared to Food Safety which is the protection of the food supply from unintentional contamination.  The intentional contamination may come from an angry employee, a criminal element, a dishonest competitor or an organized terrorist.

The government is working to "Prevent, Detect and Respond" to an intentional act of contamination.  Industry can have the most impact in the prevention of a contamination event, by instituting mitigating measures that reduce the risk of intentional contamination.

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Periscope Consulting is among the top Food Defense consultants in the world.  We have worked closely with the Food Defense experts at USDA FSIS, the FDA, and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).  We have developed and presented workshop material at home and abroad.

We developed the Food Defense Plan Builder tool that USDA FAS and FDA are using in an expanding number of countries including Peru, Panama, the Philippines, China, Vietnam and Mexico (with an improved version under development for domestic use by the FDA).  We bring a wealth of practical, industrial experience to our work and a comprehensive set of offerings to enhance your Food Defense.

Food Defense Plans

The secret sauce that makes a Food Defense Plan valuable is in the mitigation measures put in place to reduce risk.  The creation of a Food Defense Plan requires us to consider a number of basic mitigation measures, assessing what we are currently doing and what we can do to mitigate risk.  The documentation of a Food Defense Plan holds us accountable to those measures, requiring ourselves to close any gaps, and provide a baseline for continuous improvement.

Periscope Consulting offers a comprehensive mix of services in Plan Development, Plan Implementation and Plan Sustainability.  See the offerings listed below for a collection of services which can be customized to your needs (click above or on the lists below for more information).  Periscope Consulting will also review your existing plan and compare it to what is currently being used in industry.

Vulnerability Assessments

CARVER plus Shock is currently the most thorough and widely used method of vulnerability assessment.  The FDA has developed software to use support this method.

Periscope Consulting is an expert user of the CARVER plus Shock software.  We can perform this vulnerability assessment for you, as well as discuss alternatives.


Our most popular package for one plant operations:

  • One CARVER plus Shock Vulnerability Assessment for a representative line
  • Two training sessions (How to Build a Food Defense Plan plus one topic of your choice)
  • Food Defense Plan Builder Tool
  • Facilitated workshop to build a customized Food Defense Plan
  • Four hours of follow-up telephone consultation
  • FSMA review (when final FSMA regulations are published)

Food Defense Plan Development

  • Simple to robust Food Defense Plans
  • Gap analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Action Plans
  • Formal Audit Development

Food Defense Plan Implementation

  • Training
  • Gap Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Awareness Raising Newsletter
  • Project Management Services

Food Defense Plan Sustainability

  • Refresher Training
  • Facility Inspection
  • Formal Audit
  • Food Defense Plan Review


On a budget?

Food Defense Plan Starter Kit (Do It Yourself) 



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