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Elizabeth's visit last week was a huge success. We had a lot of great dialogue and made a lot of progress.

Tom ​

Introductory Offer​

We see what others don’t

Introductory Offer

Time is money. So why are we giving away an hour of our time? We are convinced that you will enjoy working with us, you will find that our time saves you far more of your time, and that when you have the need, you will call us back for work. We are so convinced that we will give you an hour of our time, valued up to $250, with no obligation. This isn’t an hour-long sales pitch. It is a working session, reviewing one of your active projects. At the end of the hour you will have our feedback and insights which you may do with as you wish. You will see the value in that. The risk is ours; if you don’t see the value, you won’t call us back. to schedule your call.
What can we review in an hour? Here are some examples, and you can make specific alternative requests: The scope or charter for a capital project submission and budget.
  • A capital project request.
  • The project schedule.
  • The project progress.
An hour of your time? A small price to pay for a second opinion. Confidence in your work going forward. Contact us today to schedule your call.