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Maintenance Systems

Maintenance is not a cost

Maintenance Systems

Our maintenance and engineering expertise dates back to operating and maintaining nuclear submarines, followed by a broad variety of food processing environments from confections to juice to frozen dinners to value added produce.

The principals at Periscope Consulting have established world-class maintenance operations and championed the best practices in EAM/CMMS software (Enterprise Asset Management/Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).· We have over 20 years experience with IBM’sMaximo®·Enterprise Asset Management system.

Our training offerings include courses in Storeroom Control as well as Planner/Scheduler training.·There is also a suite of training available for the various users of the·Maximo® EAM system.

Maintenance is not a cost

Without maintenance there would be no operating, and without operating there would be no product. So we believe maintenance should be viewed as an investment in capacity, much like buying capital equipment.

We look past the maintenance system itself to understand how well the factory is running; to understand the efficiency and throughput. Then we look at maintenance effectiveness.

When a plant is running poorly, it is often necessary to invest in maintenance. We calculate the benefit in terms of capacity and compare that to the investment in equipment dollars needed to add similar capacity. In this way we can justify changes using the language that operations managers understand.