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Project Management

Project Management is a foundational skill we use across many of our service offerings.  We have become quite good at executing projects and have a success rate far better than the typical PM study of 50% or less.  Said another way, we eliminate most of the delays that are all too common during projects.

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Today most of our projects involve the construction of new manufacturing facilities, or the installation or renovation of production lines in existing facilities.  These include processing, packaging and utility systems.  ERP, software, logistics and other projects are well within our comfort level.


We can fill any roles of project manager, construction manager and commissioning manager.  There are synergies on large projects when we fill all three roles.  And on small projects we have multi-skilled resources that can perform all three roles by a single individual.

Project Team

Our scheduling techniques are robust and use a hybrid of approaches.  In fact we won’t commit to an arbitrary deadline until we have developed a schedule with sufficient detail to give us confidence we can meet the goal.  We have up to 90% schedule success using these methods on complex projects.  We compare it to a harbor pilot, helping the ship captain avoid navigation hazards.

Our preferred role is as executive or senior project management working directly on behalf of the client as their client-advocate.  There is no need to displace your engineering or construction team; we manage them on you behalf, while also managing any subcontracts that are direct to you.  In this role, our loyalty is only to you, not to the management of the engineering or construction firm.

Our Periscope Method evolved around what we have learned while mastering good project management.  “We see what others miss.”

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