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Thank you so much for your time spent with us in·(our plant)·during the food defense training and draft plan development in late March. The feedback I got on the training was very positive from everyone who participated. We all agree that you have great facilitation skills with a topic that can be less than exciting at times!


Regulatory Compliance Programs

We see what others don’t

Regulatory Compliance Programs

With a background in both the highly regulated nuclear power and food processing industries, there is little in the way of complaince programs that Periscope Consulting can’t tackle.

Periscope Consulting is familiar with all of the regulatory needs of a food manufacturing environment.·We have built OSHA and GMP·compliance programs.· We have managed·environmental programs including potable water, waste water and clean air. ·We have experience with both FDA and USDA regulations.·· Through an innovative partnership with· Strong Harbor LLC, we now offer an exceedingly thorough HACCP “Check-Up.”

We are recognized as a global expert in the area of Food Defense – the challenge of keeping the bad guy from intentionally contaminating our food supply.· Periscope Consulting has done Food Defense work for both the USDA and·the FDA, in Peru, Thailand, Panama, the Caribbean and of course here in the USA.

Periscope Consulting offers training programs that include most OSHA programs, GMP,·Food Labeling and Food Defense.


Compliance is usually used to describe conformance to some regulatory requirement, but it can also refer conformance to a customer’s specification or requirement. But mere conformance is transient; on its own it is not sustainable.
In more universal terms, compliance is simply “doing what we say we will do.” First we must make a commitment to do something, and then we must do it again and again. This is sustainable compliance.
Our goal in Compliance Management is to provide the knowledge and skills as well as the level of employee engagement to change behaviors. By permanently changing behaviors we reach sustainable compliance