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Loyalty – off the charts

Loyalty only to the client sets Periscope Consulting apart from all other providers.  Acting as the “owner’s-agent” we make every decision and every communication based on what is best for the client and their project.  This is the key to the Periscope Method.

Working alongside the client, we manage other resources on their behalf.  This includes the engineering firm, contractors and even the client’s own team members.  We manage them in the way that best meets client needs and supports the project.



Other providers have joint loyalty – yes to the client, but also to their own organizations.  This is why bad news is covered up, or delayed until it is too late to recover.  This is why some decisions seem to the financial benefit of the provider instead of the client.  This is why some communications are less than fully transparent.



Along with our loyalty we bring related other personality traits: honesty, work ethic, positive attitude.  Add this to the technical skills, tools, and the experience of our team and you have the secret sauce for an unparalleled performance.



Loyalty to the client is the linchpin of the Periscope Method.

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Loyalty to the client
Off the charts!