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About Us

While I didn’t know it at the time, this business has its roots in two motivating events that happened decades ago.

As a child about nine years old, growing up in Florida before Disney, we went to the old Florida attractions: Six Gun Territory, Cyprus Gardens, Gator Land, Weeki Wachi Springs and Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens, at that time, was little more than bird shows, gardens, and the hospitality house where my parents could enjoy all the free beer they wanted.

But my parents couldn’t do any of that until we rode the escalator and passed by the glass window overlooking the process of filling the cans of beer.  This is where my nose was glued to the glass, trying to figure out what each machine’s purpose was and how it fit within the overall process.  Today I credit this as my first interest in engineering, and in factory processes.

Surfaced submarine

Fast forward a decade and a half, and I have graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, qualified on submarines and I am completing a refueling overall of our submarine.  The ship has been in drydock for months and soon we will be floating it again for the first time.

I have been appointed as the “undocking officer,” tasked to prepare the ship for the first time the drydock will be filled with water.  It is a hazardous operation because there have been openings cut and rewelded in the hull, internal sea-water valves placed in no particular position, and the first time in over a year these systems have been used.

For months I researched the requirements, interviewed other ships that had gone through the process, and prepared a series of tasks to perform and verify in the weeks ahead, the days ahead, the hours ahead and immediately before we bring in water.  This included a sign-off with the captain that was signed after we documented the hundreds of detailed tasks were completed to satisfaction before we would allow the operation to continue.

Project Management Diagram

I didn’t realize it at the time, but later learned these as the equivalent of a work breakdown structure, a detailed task list and schedule and formal stage-gate processes.  All of the formats I used were different than what is taught by PMI, but the functions were all there.

I received a Navy Achievement Medal for the on-time and fault-free undocking.  And I laid the foundation for a future career in project management, where I have continued to practice, to learn and continue to learn the art and science of this trade.

Today I have surrounded myself with like-minded people with amazing experience, integrity, skills and abilities.  Each of us wants no more than for you to succeed in your next project.  Contact us today and let us begin putting the pieces together for you!