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We see what others miss


Periscope Consulting arrived by its name based on the background of its founder as a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and nuclear trained submarine officer – “Gold Dolphins.”  Many of the terms unique to a submarine have little context outside the submarine force, but the term periscope resonated.


A periscope is a special tool used on a submarine to allow them to see above the surface, above the waves, to see what otherwise would not be seen. The user must be trained, not merely to raise and lower the “scope” but more importantly, to quickly recognize what they see, and act decisively on that information.


In this same way, projects by Periscope Consulting utilize special tools to see what otherwise would not be seen, and we have training and experience to act decisively on that information. 


This is one part of the “Periscope Method” to run projects with greater success.

submarine on surface with periscope up
Submarine on the surface with periscopes raised

For illustration, this image shows a surfaced submarine.  Rising from the hull is the “sail” with crew members on lookout.  Rising from the sail are two masts.  One of these is the periscope.


A more accurate image would be the submarine submerged, with only the top inches of the periscope rising above the waves.  You wouldn’t be able to see that in the image; a key advantage of being submerged.