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We run factory and line installation projects



What if on your next project you had your entire team – from engineering to operations working together to save time, money, and energy?


The Periscope Method can make this a reality.

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94% of our projects are for repeat clients!

116 projects for our top two clients!

33% of our clients have engaged us for 5 projects or more!

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We are your "owner-agent"

Even when you hire that big engineering firm or general contractor, your work is not complete.  You must manage them to your expectations.

With no loyalty other than to our client, we act as your “owner-agent,” managing your providers and your own team to bring you project success.

We see what others miss

A periscope is a special tool used on a submarine to allow them to see above the surface, above the waves, to see what otherwise would not be seen. The user must be trained, not merely to raise and lower the “scope” but more importantly, to quickly recognize what they see, and act decisively on that information. 


In this same way, projects by Periscope Consulting utilize special tools to see what otherwise would not be seen, and we have training and experience to act decisively on that information.

submarine on surface with periscope up

Navigating Project Hazards

A complex project is like navigating in hazardous waters.  A ship captain uses a knowledgeable “harbor pilot” to help navigate in waters the pilot is more familiar with.

See how Periscope Consulting can help you navigate the hazards of a complex project.


Program and Project Management
Operations, Commissioning, Startup
Operations, Commissioning, Startup
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