Category: About Periscope

  • Loyalty – off the charts!

    Loyalty – off the charts!

    Off the charts loyalty sets Periscope Consulting apart from all other providers. We make every decision based on what is best for you and your project.

  • Superior People! Superior Results!

    Superior People!  Superior Results!

    The Periscope Method relies on the superior skills and experience of our team. We don’t put a junior person on site – our experienced resource will drive results without needing to “phone home.” Let us demonstrate that we see what others miss.

  • Up to 90% Schedule Success

    Up to 90% Schedule Success

    The Periscope Method uses special scheduling techniques that can result in success rates of up to 90%. Let us see what others miss, and eliminate schedule surprises.

  • We see what others miss

    We see what others miss

    The Periscope Method includes special tools to “see what other miss.” We use the best people, the best tools, and the best techniques to lead to project success.